Growing through values

WE FRANCHISE makes humanity a maxim

Optimization as a lifestyle.
WE FRANCHISE is a group of goal-oriented franchisees who are independent and successful together. How? Through a healthy lifestyle lived together. We live for health, independence and personality development and want to pass these on to others.

Franchise partners know that only a healthy body and a healthy mind guarantee a happy, successful life.

WE FRANCHISE wants to put an end to the well-known race for financial success. Because health falls by the wayside. Our success is based on trend and recommendation marketing with innovative products and modern health solutions with system as well as the consequent passing on of skills and knowledge.

WE FRANCHISE is the healthy way from competition-based independence to success-based self-realization.
Also for you.

WE FRANCHISE stands for

  • Humanity, sovereignty and innovation
  • Holistic life optimization
  • learning from and for each other
  • sensory doing and self-realization

A WEsion of the Future


Not fortune tellers, but fortune makers..
With our franchise business concept, we are successful in an industry that will benefit consumers in the future.
WE FRANCHISE is made by people for people – our vision is that everyone can make their current life healthier, more successful and more goal-oriented in the future.

WE FRANCHISE is the WE in Wellness – the WEsion consists of three pillars:

  • WE FRANCHISE is a risk-free and lucrative franchise 3.0
  • WE FRANCHISE integrates itself into normal life. It can be used from home, on the road, half day, hobby or full time
  • WE FRANCHISE makes a free, healthy and self-determined life possible for people and their fellow human beings

From lone fighter to team player

The focus is on a better life

Build a project to build people.
WE FRANCHISE is a goal-oriented community and is therefore the basis for the entire goal-oriented approach of WE FRANCHISE. The fact is that over 80% of the self-employed have not achieved their goals after five years. WE FRANCHISE acts as an independent community that optimizes the entrepreneurial experience gained for life concepts. The objectives of the individual are linked to the strength of the group.

At WE FRANCHISE, lone fighters become team players who optimize their life situation and the lives of others.

The WE FRANCHISE goals can be summarized in the following core statements.

WE FRANCHISE has the following goal

  • To help over 500,000 people achieve the best metabolism and body of their lives through “systematic health”
  • To provide more than 10,000 partners with a better quality of life through a monthly additional income
  • To enable over 1,000 partners to leave the professional hamster wheel through financial independence